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ZNH Elite Dealer Program


For bicycle dealers, ZNH can provide you with electric bicycles to supplement your product portfolio. As an authorized dealer of ZNH electric bicycles, you will receive the full support of the ZNH team. ZNH's production team will be committed to producing high-quality electric bicycles at affordable prices. ZNH's after-sales team will also provide you with after-sales protection.


Advantages of becoming a ZNH elite distributor:

-ZNH will regularly launch new products according to market customization

-Small order purchase without minimum quantity limit

-Ship directly from the local warehouse in the United States.

-U.S. after-sales point (if there is a major component problem, you can return to ZNH's Las Vegas after-sales point)

-Product selection, trial rides and orders can be made at the ZNH Las Vegas after-sales point


ZNH's electric bicycle products will continue to optimize and launch new products according to customer needs. We do our best to make cycling more fun, attractive and safer.


If you are interested in the ZNH Elite Distributor Project and want to know more information about ZNH after-sales points, please send an email to:


Remarks: If possible, please go to the ZNH Las Vegas after-sales point to select products and test rides, before confirming to become a ZNH distributor.