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The Embarrassing Things Encountered on the Riding A Bike

When riding a bicycle, embarrassing things are inevitable, such as being chased by a dog, a tire blowout, a face brake, etc.

Chased by dogs. When riding a bicycle into a country road, it is very easy to encounter a local dog barking. Most of the local dogs here are not tied down, and even run to the middle of the road in pairs to bark and approach you. At this time, either endure or get out. In fact, the dog runs very fast and has good endurance. It is not difficult to run 10 kilometers in the mountains if you run seriously. It may be caught up on the downhill, not to mention the uphill. If you see a dog on the road, reserve some time to react. If you find that the group of dogs is hostile, try not to look at each other. For dogs, looking directly into their eyes means hostility. Usually the dog will not attack directly, and everyone will pass the road section safely under the premise of keeping a safe distance and not committing the river water. If the dog attacks, pulls out the water bottle in the water bottle cage and throws it out, the dog will be distracted by the water bottle at this time and take the opportunity to flee the scene. You can buy a water bottle if you don’t have it, but you only have one life, so you can’t compete with a dog.

Flat tire: This is a common topic. There are generally three situations: punctured, punctured, and slow release of air.

Puncture: This is the most common occurrence of a puncture. Especially after switching to a road bike, I encountered the most situations. In addition to getting enough gas before going out, I usually hit about 120-130 PSI. If there is no tire pressure gauge, my fingers can't hold the tire at all. The advantage is that the tires are hardened, and if you encounter sharp stones or broken glass on the road, they will be bounced off, which reduces the chance of being punctured to a certain extent. When stopping to rest on the way, pay attention to check the tire to see if there are broken glass, small iron pieces, stones and the like embedded in the tire, and be sure to clean it up. These things may slowly dig into the inner tube, making the tire "late but too late".

Nibbling: When riding at night, I did not bring lights, and when I passed a construction section on the way at a relatively fast speed, I hit a hard object, which caused the inner tube to be broken. So be sure to wear your headlights and drive safely.

Slow release of gas: The slow release of gas mostly occurs at the nozzle, which is the place to be checked. Another situation is that after a puncture, the inner tube has just been replaced, but the leak is soon found. This may be because the thing that punctured the inner tube is still on the outer tire. When repairing the tire, you should pay attention to check the outer tire, and carefully check the inside of the broken tire to confirm that there is no foreign matter; it may also be that the tire lever is squeezed when installing the outer tire. inner tube.

I hope that everyone will ride happily without a tire blowout, and practice tire repair skills without pressing down.

face brake. It is more common in the riders who are new to the cycling circle. In the case of face brakes on paved roads, most of them are distracted by riding a bicycle to look in other directions. In an emergency, the overuse of the front brake will cause people to fly forward and land on their face first. You can take a look at the special course on how to crash the car in "Jicheng Classroom". You should pay attention to riding on the open road, always keep your eyes on the farther position ahead, and give yourself enough time to predict what may happen next. In an emergency, brake first, and then brake to reduce the chance of a front flip. Bikers who are accustomed to wearing locked shoes must unlock (step) at this time, and then shrink their body and shrink their body into a ball shape as much as possible to avoid injury caused by falling on the collarbone.

So, have you encountered any embarrassment while riding? Welcome to share, see you in the comments section.

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