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Essential common sense for traveling by electric bike

To successfully complete a long-distance trip on an electric bicycle, it is necessary to understand some riding common sense. during cycling

1. Safe Cycling Sign Language
In the process of riding, if teammates communicate with each other by language, it is difficult to hear what the other party is saying, or can't hear at all. So it is necessary to learn to use cycling sign language. It can strengthen the connection between teammates in the process of riding, and is also an important means of reminder, warning, notification and mutual connection.

There are obstacles on the ground (stones, glass, pits, etc.). Hand stretched out diagonally to the ground. The left hand represents the ground on the left, and the right hand represents the ground on the right.
slow down. Raise your hand upwards several times.
parking. Hold your hands up high.
turn. Extending the left arm horizontally to the left indicates a left turn, and extending the right arm to the right indicates a right turn.
Signal the car behind you to pass you. Raise your forearms, rocking back and forth.

2. Cycling Safety Rules
Obey traffic rules, don't run red lights, don't go the wrong way, and don't go to the fast lane.
Don't race, don't get too close, the rider in front should avoid sudden braking, and don't overtake on the curve when going downhill, so as not to cause an accident.
When a player leaves the team, other players should be notified and the time and place to wait should be agreed.
Learn to use cycling sign language, and try to convey it backwards if there are dangerous road conditions ahead.
Avoid walking at night, and be sure to have lighting when you have to walk at night.
Take care of weak teammates and female teammates.

3. Pain and discomfort while riding
Achilles tendon: Located on the back of the ankle, it connects the peroneal muscle to the heel. Pain in this area can indicate a problem with pedaling or an improper saddle height. It can be solved by changing the pedaling position of the foot and readjusting the height of the saddle.

Ankle: There is a problem with pedaling or the height of the seat can also cause pain in the ankle. It may also be flat feet. If you have flat feet, you can put some plastic pads in the shoes. Solution, another possibility is that the crank or pedal shaft is bent.

Back: Usually caused by incorrect riding posture. The correct riding position should be with the upper body leaning forward and the back slightly arched, not slumped down or straight. Only in this way will it not hurt the back when the road is bumpy. If it is a downward slump position, it will collapse even more when bumped, and the spine will cause excessive stretching and cause back pain. If it is a straight position, the bumps will cause the spine to squeeze each other and cause pain.

Feet: Foot discomfort is usually caused by shoes and socks. A sole that is too soft can concentrate the pressure on the foot too much. In addition, a high gear ratio forces the rider to pedal with a lot of force, which can also cause pain in the foot. Therefore, it is best to buy a pair of cycling shoes with a hard sole, or wear a pair of shoes with a thick and suitable sole, and a pair of suitable and comfortable socks.

Hands and wrists: Long rides can numb your fingers. A bumpy road can also injure your palms and wrists. The position of the grips of both hands should be changed frequently, and the hands and wrists should be moved. In addition, it is very beneficial to wear gloves and wrist guards when riding. It is recommended to install a pickup, so that your hands and wrists can rest during the ride.

Knee: The main causes of knee pain are as follows. Too much force, too high gear ratios, too low a saddle, and legs rocking side to side when pedaling. Correcting these symptoms will relieve or eliminate.

Shoulders: Discomfort in the shoulders is mostly caused by the handlebars being too low or too narrow. When adjusting the height of the saddle, the height of the handle should be adjusted at the same time.

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